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Start with the FREE tier

We recommend that you always start with the FREE tier of Yarkon Cloud. It is fully functional and will allow you to make sure that Yarkon is a good fit for your specific use case.


The major difference between Yarkon Cloud and Yarkon Server is how the application is deployed:

  • Yarkon Cloud is a SASS (Software as a Service) product, that is deployed in our cloud. Customers subscribe to the product to gain access to it.
  • Yarkon Server is an AMI (Amazon Machine Image) based product, that you deploy in your VPC using your own AWS account. It is also available as a docker image.

See the table below for a high level comparison between Yarkon Cloud and Yarkon Server, that should inform your decision on which one is best for you. You can always switch from one type of deployment to another later.

Consideration Yarkon Cloud Yarkon Server Details
Number of users 1-150 users 20 users and up Yarkon scales very well and any of the versions of Yarkon can support a very large number of users. For larger accounts, it is more cost effective to use Yarkon Server.
AWS Administration Basic to mid-level AWS knowledge and infrastructure Mid-level to advanced AWS knowledge and infrastructure When you subscribe to Yarkon Cloud, we take care of everything for you, including backups, maintenance, security upgrades and system redundancy. When using Yarkon Server, if you want any of the aforementioned, you will have to handle it yourself. See the architecture page for the full details.
Governance N/A Standards compliant, runs in your VPC Yarkon Server does not require any AWS Keys when run under an IAM role, which is the standard deployment option. Since it operates in your VPC, you have full controls over any security requirements.
Single Sign On N/A SAML2 Yarkon Server integrates with any SAML2 SSO provider, and supports both IdP and SP set-ups.
Scripting N/A Fully supported If you need to customize the client side user experience, you can do it using the extensive API.
Docker, non EC2 N/A Fully supported Yarkon Server can be run in any common Unix or dockerized environment, using docker-compose, ECS/EKS and K8S.