About Yarkon

Yarkon is the most advanced browser based user interface for AWS S3 and compatible systems.

Yarkon Web Client

With Yarkon, you can supercharge AWS S3, turning it from a backend storage system to a fully functional, highly secure, feature rich and economical document management systems.

Yarkon offers a familiar file manager interface, with all the feature you’d expect from a File Explorer like user experience.

Yarkon is fully integrated with IAM, the AWS Identity and Access Management system, so you have full control over end user permissions. You do not need to create an AWS user account for end users - Yarkon takes care of user management, so you can keep your AWS account separate.

Yarkon uses a proprietary authorization system that dynamically generates short lived user access tokens, ensuring that users only get the minimal set pf permissions required for them to get their job done, while never exposing any API keys to the client application.

While being an enterprise grade system, Yarkon is easy to set up and capable enough to support very advanced user access scenarios.

Yarkon can run as a shared product, with all maintenance handled by us, or as a stand alone server (or a docker container) running in your VPC, so you can apply your security standards directly. It even supports high-availability configurations.

Yarkon subscriptions start with a FREE tier of up to 5 users, and include volume discounts for the higher tier packages. All subscriptions are effectively hourly prorated, and available for sign up either through the AWS Marketplace or using a credit card.