Licensing Service

Predefined Bucket List is limited to Yarkon Server.

In order for us to be able to maintain the integrity of the license keys distributed, each Yarkon server deployed communicates regularly with a licensing service.

Which information is being transmitted?

The data Yarkon server sends to the licensing service includes the following:

  • The details of the license key - we use that to verify that the license is valid
  • The current number of users - we use that to ensure the license is within its limit
  • Anonymized instance & account IDs - we use that to ensure the license is used by its rightful subscriber

When is the licensing service being called?

The licensing service is being called whenever there is a "licensing event":

  • About once a day during normal operation
  • Whenever the server is restarted
  • For PAYGO subscriptions only, when the number of users changes

What is the licensing service end point?

The URI is

Any other pre-requisites?

In most standard deployments, there is nothing else for the admin to do. If the Yarkon server is deployed in an environment that blocks outbound traffic, make sure that the aforementioned licensing service URI is open.

If the Yarkon server fails to access the licensing service, an error message will be shown in the Admin Console, and in the system logs.