The basics

Yarkon is a full featured web based S3 browser.

A Simple and Secure Login

End users enter their username and password to login to Yarkon, or, with Yarkon Server, you can set up Single Sign On using SAML2.

Users get short term session based credentials that are controlled by your AWS IAM settings. There are no API keys to manage at the user level, and the administrator can block any user at any time.

The buckets and folders accessible by each users can be controlled by the administrator using AWS IAM.

Fast upload

Use Yarkon to upload files and folders to S3. The folder structure will be conserved when uploading.

The upload function can efficiently handle very large files, supports pause and resume, and will recover from most network errors.

Smart download

Yarkon can download a single file or full folders from S3. When downloading multiple files or folders, Yarkon will download a single zip file, allowing you to extract the S3 structure to your local disk.

Document management

Yarkon fully supports all file operations you have when using a desktop based browser. You can move or copy files and folders using drag and drop - and it works using any pane as the source or destination. Cut, copy and paste can also be used to rearrange your documents and folders. Renaming is supported for files and folders.

With Yarkon, you can easily manage the folder structure. And if you want to change it, drag and drop and cut-paste make it an quick chore.

Use Yarkon to search for files and folders down from either a bucket or a folder. The search results pane supports the same operations the main view does, so you can easily access the documents found.

Document preview

Document preview is available as a side panel in the main Yarkon interface, supporting many popular file types, such as images, PDF, text documents and even highlighting for code.

The preview panel is on the right side of the main document list. Whenever the active document in the list is of a supported format, a preview of the document will be displayed in the preview panel, together with some information about the document.

The speed in which the document preview is updated in the preview panel depends on the document size and your network. Documents are cached by Yarkon so a noticeable delay might occur only when a document is shown for the first time that is either large, or over a slow network. When used over a common broadband connection, most documents will be displayed in under a second.

Object properties

With Yarkon, the properties of a document, folder or bucket are available through the context menu. For documents, you can access and change the storage class, encryption and metadata. For folders and buckets, Yarkon will display the total number of files and the storage size they consume.