Yarkon turns S3 into a Consumer Product

Yarkon is a modern web based document management solution for Amazon S3

With Yarkon, any user in your organization can have secure S3 access, without having to create any user level IAM accounts

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  • Web Based
  • Feature Rich
  • Secure
  • Accessible
  • Compliant
  • Customizable
  • Extensible

Web Based: 100% in the cloud – works on any device

You only need a web browser. Nothing to download, nothing to install and you always have the latest version.
Fast and responsive, works right and looks good on any device.

Feature Rich: Advanced web based S3 browser

Upload and share files, create folders and manage buckets – anything that you normally do with S3, but with a fluent, intuitive and feature rich user experience, similar to what you have when using your PC; drag & drop, context menus, copy-paste, multiple download, image preview, it is all there.

Secure: Fully Integrated with AWS IAM policies

Same level of security Amazon has. Secure HTTP, strong passwords and the same permission system you get with your Amazon account.

Accessible: Extend your S3 storage to all users

With Yarkon, any user in your organization can have controlled and secure access to documents stored in S3.
There is no need to grant users access to the AWS console, or even create dedicated IAM accounts for end-users.

Compliant: AWS keys never shared with the end-users

Your AWS credentials are only accessed by the administrator, and are never shared with end-users – they only get short-lived session based access credentials.
Add, remove and manage end-user permissions without having to update or share keys.

Customizable: White labeling available

With the Enterprise Edition of Yarkon, branding the client application with your colors and logo can be done in minutes.
Make Yarkon look like an integral part of your software stack, without having to manipulate any HTML or CSS files.

Extensible: With the SDK edition API

Seamlessly integrate the power and convenience of Yarkon into your own application.
Unlimited trial version available for download.

Use your S3 account, no changes are required to permissions or content

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