Just like any other software, Yarkon has limitations. This page lists the known limitations. Before considering an issue a bug, please review this list. If the issue you encountered is not covered here, don't hesitate to contact us and report the problem you have.

FREE tier of Yarkon Cloud

The FREE tier is fully functional and identical to the monthly subscription of Yarkon Cloud. It includes up to 5 users.

File size - Upload/Download

The upload and download file size limit is identical to the S3 limits - 5 TB.

File size - API operations

The AWS API limits the file size that can be manipulated by the API. This is done to avoid a situation where an error occurs due to loss of internet connection or a similar network related issue. When working with large files, the user must be able to keep a consistent and reliable internet connection over a long period of time. AWS limits the file size to 5 Gb, and therefore, file operations such as move and copy using Yarkon have the same limit.

File number

Yarkon is meant to be used by end users to manage their files. When we designed the user interface, we had to choose between displaying the full list of files in a folder, or use a paginated view (showing a limited number of rows at a time, AKA, "page"). We ultimately chose to use a view that can be paged, but is essentially one contiguous list - a similar user experience to Windows Explorer and IOS Finder. While this is much more challenging to implement, we decided that the clear advantages of this approach - amongst other things, allowing the user to sort, search and select multiple files in a much more natural way - outweigh the limitations, which are slower response and load time. With load times that are around 1 second per 2,000 files we decided that the load time is not a concern in the common use case. However, to ensure that the user experience is not degraded when there are more files, we decided to limit the total number of files displayed in the UI for a single folder to 100,000. The status bar will give a clear indication when this happens. Only the first 100,000 files will be displayed. If you need to manage more than 100,000 files at a time, Yarkon (or any other tool with rich user experience) is probably not the tool for you, and you are better off using one of the command-line based tools available.

Policy size

When using the Integrated Security Model or the Federated Security Model, end user access rights are defined using AWS IAM policies. AWS imposes a limit on these policies, that applies to API access, which is what Yarkon is using to integrate with IAM. The size limit on a user defined policy is 2,048 characters. This should be plenty much for most use cases. The Yarkon Admin Console will report an error when it encounters a policy that is larger than this limit. If it does happen, it is usually an indication that the way you set up your access policy is complex, and you could, and probably should, simplify your structure.