Aug 1, 2018

Yarkon 3.0 is now available for Shared Hosting

The next major release of Yarkon, version 3.0, is now officially available for our shared hosting solution. It includes numerous new features and enhancements, amongst them:

  • Federated security model - allowing cross account management. For more, see Security Models.
  • New licensing - now you can subscribe to Yarkon without going through the AWS MarketPlace Use the FREE sign up page to start now with no commitment, then upgrade when and if you need.

The FREE Tier of the Cloud Edition is fully functional and identical in its feature-set to any of the other versions of the Cloud Edition. The only limitations are on the number of users and buckets, both can go up to five (5) - making it a great option for trying the service on a smaller scale, as well as for using it free of charge for your business. The limits on the free version are based on the usage we see, and is sufficient for most if not all of our entry level customers, for whom this edition of Yarkon is designed.

We now offer a convenient monthly subscription option: when ready, you can upgrade from the FREE Tier to a monthly subscription directly from the application. Add or remove users when you need. All charges and credits are automatically pro-rated to the day of change; we bill monthly, and you can cancel any time.