Why use the Yarkon storage solution?

Yarkon is an innovative solution on top of the ubiquitous AWS S3 cloud based storage infrastructure, or any other S3 compatible system. It enables all users in your organization to have secure access to documents stored in S3, using any device at any time, while strictly following the permissions granted by the system administrator using AWS IAM.

Economical document management solution

BYOS - Bring Your Own Storage: use your existing S3 or compatible storage for document management, at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions, and with better durability, performance and essentially no space limitations.

Hosted in the cloud, web based application

To use Yarkon, you only need a web browser. Nothing to download, nothing to install, and you always have the latest version. Fast and responsive, Yarkon works right and looks good on any device.

Available to any user in the organization

You can add any user in your organization to Yarkon, and you do not need to create any IAM accounts at the user level. If you choose, users can self-manage their passwords, or you can use single-sign-on.

Robust yet flexible permission system

IAM integration ensures the highest level of security which is also flexible enough for any purpose, allowing the administrator fine grain control over users permissions. End users only get short lived access tokens for increased security.

For the full range from personal to enterprise

From the fully functional FREE tier, all the way up to Enterprise features such as white-labeling, scripting and single-sign-on, you can choose the edition and payment plan that works for you.

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The Yarkon Difference

Yarkon brings your S3 storage to any user in your organization, using any device from anywhere connected. You can customize it to match your brand, or use the available API to add even more functionality.

Added value

Grant secure access to your storage to whomever needs it, wherever they need it — across the web, on their device.

Other Ways


Desktop application 100% browser based, works on any device, no installs required on client machines.
API keys required for users API keys never shared with end users, short lived session based keys used.
Limited permission structure Fully IAM compatible and integrated, does not require any additional permission grants.
Not customizable Themable and customizable, use your company's logo and colors to make the UX your own.
Priced per client Flexible pricing options, ranging from FREE to Enterprise unlimited users.
Functionality is limited Extensible using API, simple HTML/CSS/Javascript.

Find out what these teams already know

“Easy installation and maintenance; stellar support”

“Secure, convenient and simple access to AWS S3”

“Intuitive, browser based shared drives in the cloud”

Yarkon is a great solution for extending S3 access to non-AWS users. The installation is dead simple, the configuration process is straightforward.
The support team is responsive, receptive, and offers prompt and decisive solutions to problems.
I would recommend Yarkon without any reservation.

We are using Yarkon to provide secure, convenient and simple access to soccer match footage in AWS S3.
We provide this service to our club managers and technical personnel.

With several remote branches we were looking for a way to move our shared drives to the cloud.
Yarkon was very simple to deploy; their support was quick and efficient.
The ease of use, no learning curve and cost-effectiveness made this a no brainer.

Trey R., Energective
John H., Football Federation Australia
Nathan S., Office 360

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