Yarkon Cloud

ProductYarkon Cloud
HostingIn the cloud, by us
Pricing optionsFree, Hourly (PAYGO), Monthly
Set up time10-20 minutes
What you haveAWS API keys
What you knowDefine IAM policies


Yarkon Cloud is an online service allowing you the user to access your AWS S3 buckets using our HTML5 based front-end application. All you need is a web browser.

Use Yarkon to upload, download and share documents, manage buckets and create folders – anything that you normally do with S3 – with a fluent, intuitive and feature rich user experience, similar to what you have when using your PC. Drag & drop, context menus, copy-paste, multiple upload/download, it is all there.

Yarkon enables everyone in your organization to use your S3 storage without provisioning access to the AWS console/account and without sharing any sensitive keys with end users; all that while strictly following the permissions granted by the account administrator using the IAM service, and with full support to groups and roles.

Yarkon Cloud is integrated with the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) service.
You will not be able to complete the setup process without some simple yet required preparation work.
See the Getting Started guide for the complete details.

The system consists of two main modules:

  • Yarkon Web Client application, the front end used by all end-users.
  • Yarkon Admin Console server, responsible for user permission management, and for serving the HTML files to the end clients. This module is hosted in our cloud.

To learn more about the client experience with Yarkon, please use the demo application – it is using the infrastructure of Yarkon Cloud and is functionally identical to it.

Getting Started

You should always start with the FREE Tier, so you can experience the product and ensure it is a good fit for your use case.

Before you start, we recommend you watch this short 5 minute video, taking you all the way from Sign-Up to the FREE tier of Yarkon Cloud to having an end user logging in using the Yarkon web browser application and securely accessing S3.

To get started with Yarkon Cloud, follow the detailed Getting Started guide available. It will lead you through the process of subscribing to the FREE tier of Yarkon Cloud, setting up the basic IAM security using the Shared Security Model (see below for more details), and adding end users to the system.

If you later decide to upgrade to one of the paid subscriptions, the administrator can do so directly from the application.

Using a compatible S3 storage, such as Wasabi, CEPH or others? – you can still use Yarkon, just like with AWS S3. Follow this Getting Started Guide to get it set up.


All paid subscriptions of Yarkon Cloud fully support Branding (also known as “White Label”). That means that you can customize the user interface of the Yarkon Client to your liking, using your own brand logo and color scheme.


Yarkon Cloud is available in two licensing options, the FREE Tier, and the Monthly Subscription.

Yarkon is using your S3 account. You will incur the standard AWS S3 fees, depending on your specific usage and network/API utilization. AWS publishes its S3 fees here: Amazon S3 Pricing.


The FREE Tier of Yarkon is available at no charge. The free service is identical to the paid monthly subscription, and is limited to up to 5 users.

The FREE Tier is a good fit for most small businesses or personal accounts, as well as for trying the service before committing to a monthly subscription.

Important: we do not allow shared accounts. Why?

Upgrading from the FREE Tier to the paid monthly subscription is done from the Yarkon Admin Console.

Upgrading to Paid Subscription

You are using the FREE Tier of Yarkon, and now you want to add more than 5 users? Upgrade to the Monthly Subscription to unlock the full power of Yarkon.

To upgrade your account, go to the Account tab of the Yarkon Admin Console and click the “Upgrade Now” button.
You will be presented with a standard credit card payment form; payments are processed in real time, and your account will be updated once the payment clears, usually within a minute or less. Your subscription will be active immediately, there is no wait time. The monthly subscription will be charged on every monthly anniversary of the first payment.

Monthly Subscription

The monthly subscription option of Yarkon is functionally identical to the FREE Tier, and it has no limitation on the number of users you can add.

The current price for Yarkon is $5 per user per month. Volume discounts are available and applied automatically. See the Pricing page for the full details.

Active Users

Yarkon pricing is based on the number of Active users. Same as with subscription based AWS services, an Active user is a user that is in a status Active – which means a user that can login into the system and use it. Whether the user actually logged in to the system is not something that is tracked or factored into the actual cost.

Your subscription is updated automatically when you make changes to the number of Active users. Changes will be pro-rated to the next billing cycle.

If you have users that you do not expect to be using the system for an extended duration of time, make sure to use the Yarkon Admin Console to put these users into status disabled, so they are not charged. You can always restore these users to status Active if needed later.

Hourly Subscription (PAYGO)

For customers who prefer to be billed directly through their AWS account, or look for the AWS Pay-as-you-go model (billed hourly), we offer Yarkon Cloud through the AWS Marketplace.

The current price for an hourly subscription is $0.01 per hour per active user.
Sign up from the AWS Marketplace; a FREE 14 day trial is included.

Make sure to use the “Continue to Subscribe” button at the top right of the listing page.


We are always sad to see you go, but we understand that sometimes the product is not a good fit or does not work for everyone.

If you are using the FREE Tier, there is no need for you to close your account, as there is no cost to you. We will
automatically close any account that has not been used for one hundred and twenty (120) days.

If you are subscribed to the Monthly Plan, you can cancel your subscription using the Yarkon Admin Console – go to the Account tab of the Yarkon Admin Console and click the “Close Account” button.

You can cancel the monthly subscription anytime, but we do not currently offer refunds. If you subscribe to Yarkon through the AWS Marketplace, cancellation should be done through the Marketplace as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does your Cloud service work?
    When users log in to Yarkon, the Yarkon Cloud Server authenticates them using their username and password credentials. Once their identity is verified and confirmed, the server will authorize the users with AWS S3, and if needed, with AWS IAM. See Security Models for more about the authorization process.
  • How are users added to the system?
    While Yarkon Cloud can be used by individuals, it is an organization service for companies of any size. The first step is to create an account; this will create an administrator account that can then be used to manage end-users. The administrator can then add as many end-user accounts as needed, and remove them when they no longer require access to AWS S3. The end-users themselves do not need access to the Yarkon server, or to the AWS Dashboard.
  • How do end-users access their S3 buckets with Yarkon?
    End-users are using the Yarkon Web Application. This is a client side HTML5 application, running inside a user’s browser. To be able to use the application, a user only needs to provide her username and password. The username is the user’s email, the password can be managed by the user herself. For more about the client application and its feature, see the Demo.
  • Where are user passwords kept?
    In Yarkon Cloud, the user passwords are kept in our database. We use the highly secure AWS RDS service for this purpose and follow all the security best practices and recommendations from Amazon to ensure the security of the end-user data. The password themselves are hashed using the Bcrypt algorithm using a random salt.
  • Why do I have to provide AWS API credentials?
    Any API access to AWS requires AWS API credentials. This is more secure than using a username password pair. We store the credentials in our database in encrypted format. You have full control over the credentials and can change or revoke them at any time. It is important to understand that your credentials are never shared with any user and are never sent over the internet to a client machine. Following AWS strictest security recommendations, clients only get short-lived temporary credentials. The Yarkon Admin Console server never displays the secret key. Your AWS credentials are only used by our server to communicate with the AWS IAM and AWS STS services.
  • Do you offer a free trial?
    We offer a FREE tier for Yarkon, but we also offer a FREE Trial for any edition of Yarkon. If you only want to see the system in action, use the Demo Application.
  • Where can I see the user manual for the client application?
    We add to our documentation all the time, and enhance it as needed. To get a good understanding of how to use the Yarkon web client application, please check out the tour: Demo.
  • What are the known limitations of Yarkon?
    See the limitations page for a list of current known limits on using Yarkon.
  • Suppose I encounter an issue, can you help?
    Absolutely. We have a good experience with organizations being able to set up the application without assistance, but your situation might be unique. Please contact us with any question you might have.
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