Jun 1, 2017

Welcome to the new Yarkon for S3 website

The new and improved website is now ready. Check it out at https://yarkons3.com. It is still work in progress and new content is constantly being added.

In the next few weeks, we will be adding product info sheets and subscription information, detailed use cases and FAQ for all our products. Links to an always current change log and social network feeds will be added as well.

Please check out the new Products page, detailing all our current and coming listings as well as a full feature list and screen captures. At the time of the new website launch, we also added new end-points for our popular FREE Web Edition of Yarkon. Try it now!

Yarkon is a modern, responsive and intuitive web based user interface for Amazon S3. Use it to manage buckets, create folders, upload and share files - anything that you normally do with S3, but with a fluent, intuitive and feature rich user experience, similar to what you have when using your PC. Drag & drop, context menus, copy-paste, it is all there.