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The Web Edition of Yarkon is an online service allowing you the user to access your AWS S3 buckets using our HTML5 based front-end application. All you need is a web browser and your AWS credentials to get started.

Use Yarkon to manage buckets, create folders, upload and share files – anything that you normally do with S3, but with a fluent, intuitive and feature rich user experience, similar to what you have when using your PC. Drag & drop, context menus, copy-paste, it is all there.

Getting Started

When using the Web Edition of Yarkon for the first time, you will be asked to provide your AWS access credentials. These are made of an AWS Access Key ID and an AWS Secret Key. You will only need to do it once. After this one time, you will create a password to protect the keys saved on your device. If you are unsure what these API keys are, or need some guidance, see the Getting Started Guide.

The permission system implemented by AWS is robust and flexible. Check out the document Yarkon Web Edition Access Policy Requirements for a complete review of your options.

With the access key credentials at hand, go to the End Points list to choose the one that would work best for you. The choice is based on the AWS region where your buckets are.

The Web Edition of Yarkon is a pure client side application. Therefore, it does not offer any central user management capabilities, or any integration with permission policies set at a group or a role level. It is limited to permission policies set at the user level, through the use of an AWS API access key. This is usually good enough for small organizations or organizations that don’t require any special permissions on their buckets. If you do need a tighter integration with the AWS IAM service, or need to be able to manage user access to the system, you will have to step up to one of the Yarkon editions that uses a central server to manage these: Cloud Edition, Hosted Edition or the Enterprise Edition.

Try it Now

To start with the Web Edition of Yarkon, have your AWS API keys handy, and go to the End Points page to choose the AWS region that is best for you.

If you are going to use Yarkon in more than one region, meaning that you have buckets that are not in the same region where Yarkon is running from, make sure to follow the instructions in the Enabling CORS page.


The Web Edition of Yarkon is offered free of charge. No registration is required.

Upgrade to a Paid Edition?

Most of our users start off with the free Yarkon Web Edition, so the question why upgrade? to a paid edition often comes up. See this document to get some guidelines for making this decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Since this is a free product, would you use my email for any purpose?
    We do not even require you to put in an email for the Web Edition
    But even if we do get your email, we will never share or sell it.
  • Why do I need to provide my Account key?
    Yarkon uses the Amazon Web Services API, and therefore needs the Account Key. This is a good thing – the account key is more secure than a user-name password combination, and it can be set up so that only limited privileges are granted to a specific user.
    For the Web Edition of Yarkon to work, the end-user only has to be granted access to S3, so using these credentials ensures that in an organizational system, users cannot do anything to affect other components of the system. The system administrator can always revoke a user’s credentials, if needed.
    For more about the API credentials, see this document from Amazon.
  • Do you have access to the API credentials I use to login?
    Absolutely not. The product is a client side application, meaning that it runs in your browser on your device. It does not communicate with any of our servers in any way. When it loads, it pulls the HTML assets from our S3 bucket and our CloudFront CDN account, and from thereon, all communication is between your device and your AWS S3 account.
  • You are a small company. How can you offer this product for free?
    That’s a fair question. We are a small company, and our business model is based on revenue generated from consulting services and customization of our products. You can think of the free products we offer as a show case of our work, and a basis for future contracting engagements.
    Recently, we started offering more advanced versions of our Yarkon product, with a server side component. We do charge a small fee for these products, mostly to offset the cost of running the servers, with the stated goal of roughly breaking even. We found that many corporate clients prefer to go with one of the paid solutions – while all of our editions offer exactly the same end-user experience, the products with a server side component do allow for a higher level security and tighter integration with the AWS IAM permission system, a feature that is usually required by enterprise clients.
    You can check out these alternative options here:
  • Where can I see the user manual for the client application?
    We add to our documentation all the time, and enhance it as needed. To get a good understanding of how to use the Yarkon web client application, please check out one of the tours:
  • What are the known limitations of Yarkon?
    See the limitations page for a list of current known limits on using Yarkon.
  • Suppose I encounter an issue, can you help?
    Absolutely. We have a good experience with organizations being able to set up the application without assistance, but your situation might be unique. Please contact us with any question you might have.
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