Getting Started – Yarkon Server

The following step by step guide will walk you through the full installation and setup process of Yarkon Server.

Yarkon Server is an enterprise grade system, fully integrated with AWS IAM. As such, the set up process requires working knowledge of Unix server and AWS IAM. If you are not familiar with Unix, we offer as an alternative the Yarkon Cloud service, that is fully managed by us and does not require any install.

To get your Yarkon Server up and running, follow these steps:

  1. Get the software
  2. Set up a server
  3. Set up the IAM role and policies
  4. Run the instance for the first time
  5. Update CORS for S3
  6. Implement user and group level permissions
  7. Add users to Yarkon
  8. Handle network and security
  9. Customize the look and feel
  10. Set the server for Production

If after following these steps you are still having issues getting your server to run, please contact us