Why shared accounts are not allowed

When using our hosted service – Yarkon Cloud – we do not allow shared accounts.

  • For the same reason the cable company does not – we price our service and plan capacity based on usage and number of subscribers. Any company that sells subscriptions based on users restricts the use of shared accounts, and so do we.
  • It is a bad idea for security reasons – when you share account credentials between users, you cannot track which user made changes, and you cannot easily make password changes. One forgetful user might lock out all others who happen to use the same credentials. And when a user leaves your organization, you’d have to communicate the new password to all others.

When we identify usage that is prohibited by this policy, we will contact the administrator of the account, kindly ask to refrain from doing so, and instead do one of the following:

  1. Update the number of paid subscriptions to match the actual number of users.
  2. Upgrade to the self hosted solution – Yarkon Server, where there is no such limitation.