Jun 29, 2019

Yarkon Server version 4.0 is now available

Version 4.0 of Yarkon Server is now officially available from the AWS Marketplace, in both Pay-As-You-Go and Bring-Your-Own-License versions. As always, we also released the Shared Community AMI and the Docker versions, both available directly from here.

This is the first major release of Yarkon Server in a year, and includes a full refresh of the user interface, as well as numerous enhancements.

What is in the new release?

The original Yarkon user interface was based on Windows Explorer, and has remained practically unchanged for the last three years. After conducting a thorough market research, we realized that the time to revisit and improve the UI has come.

The changes were made following these recommendations:

  • “Discoverability” - Yarkon was always feature rich, but often times users - especially new or casual users - were unable to find all this wealth of features. To improve, we added context sensitive toolbars that make these features much more accessible and easier to use.
  • Branding - Being able to white label the UI was always a top rated request by our users. While this functionality was added a while back, in this release it is highlighted and is accessible directly from the main screen of the Admin Console.
  • Layout improvement - We found that the layout of panes is somewhat inefficient when using larger screens. To improve, we changed the way panes are positioned on screen, essentially allowing greater visibility to users who have a large number of buckets.
  • Performance - We carefully monitor the performance of the application, and in this release we included a number of tweaks - especially around server side caching - that should help with performance.