Yarkon Server – Get the software

You can download a free trial of Yarkon Server from this site. The trial version of the server is functionally identical to the monthly subscription product. Upgrading from the trial version to the monthly subscription only requires purchasing a license and uploading a license key file to the server.

Download the trial version

To download the software, go to the download page, enter your details and wait for a few moments for the package to be generated. We generate a unique package for each download, as it contains a named 30 day trial license. Once the package is ready, and email with a download link would be sent to the email you provided, so make sure this email is correct.

Download from the link in the email you receive. The package is a tar.gz file. Its name will identify the specific version of Yarkon Server included.
For instance, yarkon-server-trial.v307-303.tar.gz denotes version 3.0.7 of the server.

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