AWS Setup – Integrated Security – Yarkon Server

The following guide describes how to construct the required structure using the AWS console, and then set it up with the Yarkon Admin Console so the end-users can have the proper permissions when using the Yarkon web client.

This guide describes the process for Yarkon Server. If you are setting up for Yarkon Cloud, please use this document instead.

We cover the following steps:

  1. Setting up the users in AWS and granting them permissions to access buckets using Groups and Policies.
  2. Setting up the AWS role and policy required for the Yarkon Admin Console.
  3. Install of the server using an AMI, and provisioning the administrator account.
  4. Adding the users to Yarkon and verifying that the proper permissions are set.
  5. Setting up CORS on the target buckets.

When done, you should have the AWS organization set up, the Yarkon Admin Console installed and fully operational, with the end-users being able to access S3 buckets limited by the access policies you defined, using the Yarkon Web Client.

Note: the guide assume good working knowledge of AWS and the AWS console, as well as the required services: S3, IAM, EC2 and R53.