Yarkon S3 SDK


Yarkon S3 is a web based user interface for Amazon S3. It is currently being offered in a number of configurations, ranging from a stand-alone client web application to a hosted cloud based solution.

The core component of the system, the Yarkon web control, is ideal for organizations which have already implemented an S3 based solution, and require an integrated, highly functional, web based front end, that can be seamlessly integrated within their existing platform.

The Yarkon web control offers the same features and capabilities of the Enterprise Edition of Yarkon, except for the user and session management that is to be handled by the host application. The interface uses standard HTML5 and CSS technology, and is therefore fully customizable to match the look and feel of the container.


  • Fully functional online samples of using the SDK are available here.
  • For the complete API reference, see this document.
  • All customization possible with the SDK is also available to the Enterprise Edition.

Free Trial

The SDK of Yarkon is available for a free unlimited trial. You can download it directly from this site and use it for as long as you need to ensure it meets your requirements.

The trial version is fully functional, and differs from the registered version in two ways:

  • The words “Trial Version” are displayed using an unobtrusive watermark in the grid area.
  • The number of items in the grid is limited to 10.

All online samples available from this site are using the current trial version of the SDK, also demonstrating the use of the Yarkon SDK in a web site.

If you find gaps between what the SDK offers and your requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always adding new features, and will always prioritize enhancements based on user feedback.

End User License

The license is named and non-transferrable; you can use the software for an unlimited number of end-users, in any configuration, royalty free.

Changes may be made to any of the files in the package, except the main JavaScript file, yarkon.sdk.*.js.


The current price of the Yarkon SDK is $2,500. It includes one (1) year of free upgrades, including access to all bug fixes and new releases of the same product as the one covered by the license. This coverage can be extended past the one year expiration date, for a standard, 30% of the current price of the Yarkon SDK at the time of renewal.

What is Included

In the SDK package, we include the following:

  1. A named, non-transferrable, licensed version of the software. Your name will be visible in the About page of the Yarkon application.
  2. Sample HTML files, demonstrating how to embed the Yarkon component into a web application, and use the API for implementing custom functionality.
  3. A sample CSS file, demonstrating how to customize the look and feel of the Yarkon component to match the overall style of the container, as well as how to brand the interface to match your application.
  4. This End User License Agreement.

What is Not Included

At this point, we do not offer the source code or any other part of the IP for sale.

The SDK does not include any add-on.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer a free trial?
    We offer a FREE tier for Yarkon, but we also offer a 14 day free trial for all editions of Yarkon procured through the AWS MarketPlace. If you only want to see the system in action, use the Demo Application.
  • Where can I see the user manual for the client application?
    We add to our documentation all the time, and enhance it as needed. To get a good understanding of how to use the Yarkon web client application, please check out the tour: Demo.
  • What are the known limitations of Yarkon?
    See the limitations page for a list of current known limits on using Yarkon.
  • Suppose I encounter an issue, can you help?
    Absolutely. We have a good experience with organizations being able to set up the application without assistance, but your situation might be unique. Please contact us with any question you might have.