Storage Everywhere

Yarkon brings your S3 storage to any user in your organization, using any device from any where connected. You can customize it to match your brand, or use the available API to add functionality.

How the Yarkon platform works

Adding a User to Yarkon

The Yarkon Difference

Added value

Grant secure access to your storage to whomever needs it, wherever they need it — across the web, on their device, or integrated into your application.

Other Ways


Desktop application100% browser based, works on any device, no installs required on client machines.
API keys required for usersAPI keys never shared with end users, short lived session based keys used.
Limited permission structureFully IAM compatible and integrated, does not require any additional permission grants.
Priced per clientFlexible pricing options, ranging from FREE to Enterprise unlimited users.
Functionality is limitedExtensible using API, simple HTML/CSS/Javascript.