User Interface - used by all end-users
Yarkon CloudYarkon Server
Runs in any modern web browser
No software installation required
Fully HTML5 Compliant
User authentication Username & Password Username & Password
User Experience - client application (permissions for all actions managed by AWS)
Yarkon CloudYarkon Server
Upload and download of documents
Create and delete of folders and buckets
Full drag & drop support
Cut, copy, paste, rename and delete for documents and folders
Document sharing
Image preview for all browser supported image types
Document preview for many popular document types
Storage Analyzer
Set Display Names for S3 buckets
Support for S3 acceleration
Control client features using Admin Console
White label - use your brand's look and feel With Subscription
API support
S3 compatible providers support
Server Application (Admin Console) - administrator use only
Yarkon CloudYarkon Server
Server used for user management and access control
Server application provided by Us Us
Server application hosted by Us You
Mail Server integration provided by Us You (optional)
Server URL managed by Us You
Server application upgrade and maintenance Automatic Manual, one-click
Database maintenance and routine backups Automatic Manual, one-click
Detailed logging for troubleshooting
Bulk update of bucket CORS settings
User Management - manage user access permissions
Yarkon CloudYarkon Server
Administer can add/remove user accounts at any time
Administer can activate/deactivate user accounts at any time
Administer can verify user allowed access to S3
User locked after 3 failed login attempts
User automatically unlocked after 24 hours
User can be manually unlocked by the admin at any time
End-user self serve, change and reset password
Single Sign On SAML2
Yarkon CloudYarkon Server
All communication uses SSL only
Root keys never sent to or used by end client
Fully integrated with AWS IAM
User management database
Yarkon CloudYarkon Server
Hosting model Shared Dedicated
Database type MySQL Sqlite/MySQL
Support for other database types N/A